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Open: 32 x 35 cm

Closed: 18 x 33 cm

Limited Edition 1/1


Color: Blue
Out of Stock

    - Double clutch.

    - Digital printing.

    - 100% Cotton.

    - Interior compartments.

    - Limited edition.



    This clutch is printed with a unique design on a 100% cotton twill. It is finished with pink satin ribbons and compartments and pockets inside. Ideal to give a different and unique touch to your looks. It can be placed in many shapes and positions thanks to its square pattern with central zipper. Measures: 39cm high x 35cm wide.



    We use high quality materials. All garments are designed and produced entirely in Barcelona by ourselves. None of the pieces are exactly the same, although they are made with the same quality standards, guaranteeing that each piece is unique and unrepeatable.

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